“Our deepest thanks to Katie and the great staff at Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House who made it possible for us to be near our son in St. Marys Hospital this past week. The accommodations were pleasant and comfortable and we were treated with the best of care and empathy. We left for home with peace of mind one day before our son was released.” — Wayne and Jane

Whether it’s a note sent after they head home (an excerpt from a recent one above), a thank you after a meal provided by an organization from the community, or a gift that will be enjoyed by everyone who comes through the House; the notes and stories we receive from families speak volumes to the mission of the Reinhart Guest House. We love reading and sharing them!

“After a horrible week, this dinner was the bright spot of kindness and caring. Thank you so much, this means a lot.” — Brenda

“This was a very nice surprise. I had no idea we might have a wonderful group prepare an Italian dinner for us. A great big thank you to those generous and thoughtful folks!” — Bill

“We feel the warmth of home here!” — Yi

This beautiful piece of art was given to the Guest House and recently hung in our living room. The how and why this art came to us … simply … it is the healing ministry of the Reinhart Guest House.

To see a note from the artist of “Beholden” on the meaning behind the piece, visit us on Facebook and Instagram. This beautiful gift will be treasured for years to come.