Meet the Staff

Welcome to the Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House! For the dedicated staff and volunteers who deliver our ministry services each and every day, it seems like the 5 years the Guest House has been open have flown by, but to the more than 1,000 families we serve annually, time stood still. Their world became confusing, scary and uncertain. But thanks to all those who made this House a reality, these individuals were offered warmth, compassion, and comfort – a healing sanctuary – that was deeply needed. #goodhelpfeelslikehome

If you have questions, please contact the Reinhart Guest House main house number at 804-287-7300 or email

Executive Director: Lisa Patten

House Manager: Scott Chasteen

House Assistants: 

  • Shantisse Briggs
  • Mary Good
  • Donna Hernandez
  • Jessie Smith
  • Tammy Robinson
  • Elisabeth Rigsby

Weekly Volunteer Support Team:

  • Jane Coble
  • Teresa Chiocca
  • Sussanne Mitten
  • Dr. Christine Watt