July 21

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Our Thursday morning breakfast volunteer Bill is back at the Reinhart Guest House serving a delicious breakfast quiche! We can’t thank him enough for his continued support!

July 19

We have been so lucky to have volunteers from Cherry Bekaert LLP here for a three day service project. They have brought us two groups of volunteers each day Monday – Wednesday. They are cooking meals, washing windows, making snack bags and much, much more! We can’t help but thank them for their commitment!!

July 14


It has been an amazing week of volunteer groups preparing dinner for our guests! Monday, we welcomed Bank of America Volunteers, Tuesday (pictured) the Community Outreach Ministry of Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Church grilled on the patio, tonight, we have the Bugbee Family, and we conclude on Thursday with the St. Mary’s Hospital Telecom/Switchboard team! Thank you all for a great week of beautifully prepared dinners!

July 13

Don’t forget about us when visiting your local Kroger store! Enroll and select us for their 27‘community rewards program’ – every dollar counts! We appreciate your support!


July 9



Big thanks to Chesapeake Bank for restocking our freezer after an extended power outage!

July 5

Note from a recent Reinhart House Guest: “Dear Katie, I can’t thank this place enough! I would have slept in my car for a week! Holly’s been discharged and we got an early start on the road so that we can make it to Niagara Falls by tonight. I want to thank everyone who has helped us on this journey, and we will be sending donations and pictures from our wedding in the mail. Happy 4th! -Nathan”. (Nathan and his fiancée were on their way to their wedding in Niagara Falls when she was admitted to SMH).

June 22

Thank you to Nikki-Dee Ray for coming out to the Guest House this morning to film her25 segment, “Can you be me?”! The segment will air Friday, August 5, 2016 or early morning
newscast and during Virginia This Morning 9:00-10:00 am. We had so much fun showing her a day in the life of a Reinhart House Volunteer! Thanks for your time today!!

June 10

Local artist Linda Hollett-Bazouzi was commissioned by a Reinhart House donor to paint one of her iconic paintings, “Bridging the James, CXS Lune IV”. It is hanging in one of our 24family suites and we know this painting will provide great joy and comfort!

June 9

On June 9, 2014 (2 years ago) the Reinhart Guest House welcomed our first guest. Since then we have had the pleasure of serving more than 1,200 families, who have used more than 4,100 room nights. Volunteers have donated more than 135 meals, and guests have traveled from 48 states! Without the generous support of Bon Secours employees, volunteers, guests, donors and community, we would not be able to create the environment of love and good help to those in need. Thank you for your support – we look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with you!

June 3

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Thank you so much to Marie Swider for organizing St. Bridget’s School Field Day donation drive today!! All of these items were collected in 45 minutes this morning! We are on our way to the school to announce the winning field day team!